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Inheritance, and Key Attributes (aTbRef updates)

I’ve just uploaded a section of new content for aTbRef. Firstly, i’ve also updated/corrected my clarify tutorial on Tinderbox attribute inheritance. Based on the latter and because I realised this topic isn’t reall covered in aTbref, I’ve added this section of c.20 new pages: * Inheritance of attribute values.

In addition, responding to recent discussion about the nature of Key Attributes, I’ve updated the following pages:

  • Attributes: Key Attributes
  • $KeyAttributes
  • Text tab
  • Key Attributes table
    … all by way of countering the presumption amongst key users. I’d recommend similar references in the Tinderbox app’ Help and in the Help menu PDFs. The right place to counter this misperception is in early stage tutorials rather than, as now, trying to follow up afterwards.

There’s a fair amount of new content, and given my dyspraxic typing there may be typos - I’d like to know.

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