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Insistent Apple Notes

I don’t use Apple Notes and (hence) I have never asked Tinderbox to watch a Folder from Notes. But just today Tinderbox (or Notes) has started auto-populating my Tinderbox notes (effectively turning each one into a container) - the notes so rudely introduced tell me that there is trouble fetching notes.

I delete each from-Notes note - and it autopopulates again. Sending me mad of course.

So how do I stop it - is there somewhere in the Tinderbox document I can check to make sure I’ve not at some point accidentally asked Notes to get involved?

This in on a MBA - 10.14.6 Tinderbox 8.1.1


You’ve probably set a default value of $NotesFolder, or perhaps assigned a value of $NotesFolder in a prototype.

Thanks Mark - it was neither of these: it’s a small file so no prototypes as yet, I and the default Watched folder is DevonThink.

So as it is a small file I simply deleted it and started again. (As I get older I’m increasingly finding this a good life strategy in general) …