Integrating Notion for collaboration

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I’m wondering if anyone has tried integrating Notion into their Tinderbox workflow for collaboration. I love Tinderbox for organising and visualising information, but it can be sometimes difficult to collaborate with other people.

Notion, on the other hand, is a great collaboration tool that allows you to edit and comment on shared documents in real time. I’ve been using Notion for some time now on a research project and find it a great way to work with others.

So my question is: has anyone tried using Notion with Tinderbox? I’m curious if there are any tips or tricks to make this integration work smoothly. At the moment I am thinking of exporting Tinderbox notes in a spreadsheet/csv format and then importing them into Notion. After editing/collaborating I would export the Notion database to CSV and import it back into Tinderbox. I still need to do some testing…

Any insights or experiences you have to share would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Arek
I do not use Notion but was interested, how are you using Notion with Tinderbox? I can see the points you make regarding collaboration and Tbx - csv - Notion export. How are you using notion?