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Integrating Tinderbox with Forms WebApp

Has anyone built an integration to export Tinderbox output to a form generator web app such as Webmerge or Jotform or Canva?




This could be a nice way to convert Tinderbox data to a nice graphical output form

I expect this would be straightforward.

These appear, at a glance, to be data transducers rather than analytical tools!

It might help to know what task you have in mind?

Take data in a Tinderbox file, add commentary/curation/formatting, and then output it to create a nicely formatted website and perhaps an eBook or PDF book as well

Then repeat on a regular basis with updated data

That could in fact all be done presently with Tinderbox - but if someone has nice templates set up it would probably be easier than re-inventing the wheel with raw html

I’m not sure that a forms generator is the ideal way to go here.

No need to reinvent anything with raw HTML: grab your styles and your HTML, add export tags, and Bob’s your uncle.

Maybe so - I did manage to get a very basic initial example working pretty quickly

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Even better plan - Codepen has tons of very creative and well-executed examples of Html/CSS/Javascript. Many if not most of these work well in an HTML Export Template in Tinderbox- just add the Tinderbox Code to include your data. Many of these examples are “responsive” i.e. they adjust to different screen sizes of desktop vs mobile devices.