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Interesting new Roam Concept: Meet Roam-I and Roam-E: Roam meets Agent Processing via Queries

Interesting new Roam concept product being explored by devloper Dhrumil Shah.
All the tools are here for Tinderbox for a similar concept.

Meet Roam-I and Roam-E

My initial thought…Is it possible to have an export code display the results of an Agent in Preview mode?


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Yes it is. Maybe.

Of course the devil is in the details. If you have small sample file that demonstrates what you’re looking to accomplish, it would be easier to react to.

Just interesting how they are using inline queries.

I did not see anything that Tinderbox could not do with agents (except collaborative features in Roam-E (which I am not currently doing)), I am happy with Tinderbox, just curious.

Roam-I did in fact make me think of trying to explore using more ^export codes^ to get a similar experience with the preview pane. Up to this point, I have used ^export codes^ and preview in a very limited way.

Can you do transclusion type of queries using export codes. I do not know. I have never used them in this way. This post just made me think of more tinderbox possibilities I had not used.

Just curious, is anyone else is using export codes in a similar way as Roam-I.? Is anyone else using ^export codes^ for transclusion in tinderbox?

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You can use ^include() and similar methods. Personally, I don’t do much of this because ^include() is fussy and cranky and almost always requires an investment of debugging and trial and error. No doubt others do not have that issue, but the ions in my hands must make Tinderbox cough.

The Preview pane is rather archaic, in my opinion. Very very powerful, of course. But for ordinary day-to-day use where no export is intended and we just want to see the results of markdown or transclusion, using export code and Preview is like revving up the H3 to go to the end of the drive to pick up the mail. I like what Obsidian and others do. Want to see a preview? Click preview. Done.

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