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Interplay between map and outline views

I just created an outline view with the order of notes as I wanted, including use of separators. Then I created a map view of the outline. I put the notes appearing in the map view into the distributed layout shape I wanted. When I went back to outline view, the order of notes had changed (which was not what I wanted). I put them back in the right order. When I went back to map view, notes had changed position in the map (again, not what I wanted). Is it possible to prevent this please? And, if so, how? Postscript: I have just experimented with using locked adornments to keep the map view layout of notes as I need it to be. But is it correct to infer that the only way to keep a map view from changing as outline view notes are re-arranged, is to use locked adornments? Surely not. But I’d welcome being educated on point please. Thanks.


Using a new document (no agents, sorts, rules, etc.), I can’t replicate what you describe. If you haven’t, do repeat your test in other files, an important diagnostic is whether the issue is in one file but not all. Then in scale whether it affects one user or many/all.

The status quo is essentially documented here, though I accept you seem to be seeing different.

Order in Outline view is stored in $OutlineOrder. The latter’s only function in map view is to set the z-order (front to back stack order seen if units overlap). Adornments are an exception in that they use a separate stack order and all adornment draw behind the back-most note.

If a note moves to a different container its X/Y position may change as Tinderbox tried to avoid unseen maps being just stacks of notes so that when opened in map view the contents aren’t all piled up, but visible. Moving out of a container and back may result in the note resuming a different place.

Can you upload to the form a small TBX that exhibits the behaviour you describe? Please give also give exact steps (i.e. write out all otherwise assumed actions) to replicate the issues.

I’ve seen this in older releases of Tinderbox.

What Tinderbox and macOS versions are you using @Jasonromney?

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Making a composite will change the outline order, since composites are expected to be adjacent in outlines.

Mojave, 10.14.6 and Tinderbox 8.6.2.

FWIW, same OS/version combo here so we ought to see the same.

If you make a new document with about 10 notes and a separator, can you replicate the issue? That was what I was testing. It might also be worth testing behaviour only occurs below root level, i.e use a map inside a container as the reference map. I recall this occasionally crops up as a confusing factor in testing (why, I don’t know).