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Is Autofetch the bridge for the chasm between TB and Spotlight?

The fact that Spotlight(and, other search engines like Foxtrot & Devonthink as well, for that matter) cannot search the notes within Tinderbox has been bothering me for a long time. One strategy I used over the years was to occasionally export my TB database to Finder; then, index the export folder to those search engines.

The problem with this strategy is that latest updates (notes) within TB will not be available to the search engines. I have to do export again, and again…
It works; but, a kind of hectic process.

I am now wondering if I have to move all my projects back to Devonthink and fully rely on the Autofetch feature to pull the notes back to TB.

Have any of you guys tried such a workflow? What is your experience?

These programs can search Tinderbox files.

DEVONthink is not a "search engine , though you can search the contents of files stored within (imported) or indexed by DEVONthink databases. These include XML files, which is what a Tinderbox file is.

Have you ever looked inside a Tinderbox document? The “notes” are there, but searching for a “note” in a Tinderbox document with DEVONthink is like searching for a paragraph in raw HTML – you can find words but you will not be viewing the note in the DEVONthink preview pane as a discrete “note” in the manner we see it when the file is opened in Tinderbox.

The idea of taking notes in DEVONthink and then importing them to Tinderbox – relying on AutoFetch for updates – isn’t a bad idea. It’s like taking notes in Simplenote and syncing them to Tinderbox.

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yah, that is why searching the Tinderbox database (file) using Devonthink or Spotlight is more or less useless. The notes are not separated. The whole package is treated like a single note. Moreover, the preview of the XML is a meaninless junk (for me at least). that is why I don’t directly index it. but, this is off topic. The question is whether the Devonthink+Autofetch could be a tenable workflow in the long run.

  • One worry I have, for example, is that I won’t be able to directly edit the files inside TB as the Autofetch cannot push back the updates. Editing should always be done inside Devonthink. That is one major challenge.

I agree. Two-way would be nice. (Limited to documents that are text-based files in DEVONthink – .txt, .rtf, .md, and so on – since two-way on PDFs would be ugly.)

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Exactly! That would be so great.