Is explode the only way? multiple lines of plain text = multiple lines


Paste in multiple lines of plain text into an outline

What I’m getting:

What I want:
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What I’ve tried

  1. I’m currently exploding notes, but I want something quicker.
  2. Highlighting the line I want to paste to and I’m getting the result I don’t want
  3. Not highlighting a line and pasting
  4. Pasting multiple lines in TBX (it works) pasting to plain text and back again. (it doesn’t work)


  1. Is there a simple way to paste multiple lines? I new to version 9 and I don’t remember having this issue in the past.
  2. Is there a keyboard maestro script?

This works fine, I just re-tested from 3 different apps - TextEdit, Bike, and Drafts. I’ve included the Drafts test here - copying the contents in a text editor, and then pasting to your open Tinderbox window should give you the result you seek.

Where is your source text from, and is it some form of markdown/html etc?

Test of imported Outline from Drafts.txt (180 Bytes)

Thank you for providing sample text.

The only text that does not do this is when I copy from within TBX. I’m stumped.

Tinderbox - TBX Spanish - 21 December 2023 - Watch Video

Here’s what I did:

  1. Make a new document
  2. Make a note. In its text area, type a simple outline:
  1. Copy that outline to the clipboard
  2. Click in the outline view
  3. Paste

I get a container Imported outline that holds the outline.

If the text is a simply a series of lines — not a tab-indented outline — Tinderbox assumes that it’s not an outline at all, but some text that contains multiple paragraphs. It extracts the first paragraph as the title, and places everything in the text.

I have to trouble imagining writing a list in the text, and later deciding to break out that list as a set of outline elements. It sounds like you’re doing this frequently: might it be simpler to switch over to the outline pane and make your list? Perhaps more detail on the goal would help…

Got it! I was just posting in a series of lines. Mark, your explanation makes sense. I was just posting a list of lines.

My project: I was playing with TBX as potential tool to help me learn Spanish.

I was pasting lists of things such as idioms that I was going to define and lists of sentence templates that I wanted to translate.

Instead of this:

por ahí
cómo que
sí o sí
todo lo que
lo + tener + todo

I need to paste this:

	por ahí
	cómo que
	sí o sí
	todo lo que
	lo + tener + todo
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That’ll work!

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