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Is it possible to expand the Crosstabs view

Title says it.


Actually it doesn’t. To what aspect(s) of the view are you referring?

Rows have a fixed height but rows are added as appropriate to the scope selected (via the Container pop-up and the optional query.

Columns have a default width but can be dragged wider.


Thanks for your response.

To what aspect(s) of the view are you referring?

I’d like to make it easier to view (for me)

Increase row height as well as column width. In essence push the display to occupy more screen real estate.

The Heatmap helps with viewing but my aging eyes (including computer glasses) would appreciate a larger overall view.

and just to add a user observation :
The column widths are not sticky when adjusted. Turn on the heat map, adjust the column width, then turn off the heat map - the display returns to default size. Turn on the heat map and the display remains at default size.

That all makes sense. The heat map feature resetting column widths is likely not intentionally but know known of can likely be fixed/avoided.

As to row height, I hear you. It is fixed at present. Can I ask you drop an email to support explaining a little more about the issue. For instance, in the row is it a case of more whitespace or bigger text, or both? Perhaps a zoom of some sort (IOW everything scales in proportion). I suspect that is less easy than the description implies as the view we see is composed of many small parts which may not all scale the same way (or if lucky, they might!).

Anyway, the suggestion to write in isn’t so as to close out discussion but simply to open one more directly with the person who may be able to solve it. Worst case, I suspect the heat map messing with column width is likely fixable (I say ‘likely’ as whilst the mod/admin here I’m just a fellow user and can’t see under the hood). :slight_smile:

Will do.


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