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Is it possible to set a shortcut for "Open In New Tab"?

I open notes in their own tabs all the time… which means I have to right-click and find that command. I tried setting a custom shortcut in System Preferences, but I think it doesn’t work because “Open In New Tab” is not in the application menu.

My workaround at this point is to make an alias (cmd+L), open original in new tab (cmd+shift+r), and then delete the alias.

This is the default behavior for creating a new tab. If you have a note selected, hitting ⌘T will create a new tab focused on that note, just like right click -> Open in New Tab.

If you don’t want to be focused inside the note, and want to view the note inside its containing map, for example, you can hit ⌘T and then hit up arrow.

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Yes, this option isn’t in a main menu, only in the View pane context menu but a sub-menu of the View menu (see my next answer below).

The app-defined shortcut list is here, and maps Cmd+T to the system Fonts palette.

Edit: corrections after re-testing (more in my next answer below)

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It’s always humbling when my narrow focus gets pointed out. This post originated because I wanted to open THIS note in a new tab. And despite having made hundreds of new tabs while using TB, my brain never offered up the info that that’s how new tabs work anyway. Thank you…

I had not seen that before! That’s awesome! Clearly I need to spend more time with the aTbRef site map.

I must be missing something obvious here…

Cmd-T is the standard Mac shortcut for the font dialogue. I’ve tried it in every scenario I can think of in Tinderbox (including selecting the note in Map view with no text pane visible) and it always triggers the font box, as I’d expect. Key-cue also shows that cmd-T has the standard meaning throughout — it also shows no defined shortcut for Open in New Tab or Create New Tab.

Have you redefined cmd-T in System Preferences?

Apologies if I’m doing something stupid…

Busy yesterday, and delving deeper (using v7.1.0):

The New Tab command is seen on the Tab sub-menu of the View menu:

There is no shortcut defined for this option.Note the menu string is ‘New Tab’, not ‘Open New Tab’ or ‘Create New Tab’. I not this in case it is necessary to correctly find/map this item.

A variant of "Show Original In New Tab"is also seen on the View pane’s context menu, when an alias is selected.

The Font sub-menu of the format menu includes the Show Font option, for which the system-level Cmd+T shortcut is mapped:

My summary:

  • Tinderbox binds Cmd+T to the system Fonts dialog
  • There is a menu to open a new tab: View menu -> Tabs -> New Tab. No shortcut is defined.

⌘T is New Tab in Safari and a few other apps that do not use Show Fonts.

Shortcuts for contextual menu items are difficult to set, though BetterTouchTool can be used to set shortcuts for contextual menu items, such as Open in New Tab.

Entering Menu Title ‘New Tab’ and assigning Keyboard Shortcut shift-command-T works here.

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Sorry for the confusion. I have defined ⌘T as an app shortcut to open a new tab in Tinderbox in the system preferences, as @sumnerg shows . It feels so natural I forgot I had done it :slight_smile:

This works.

Notice, that this will remove the out-of-the-box ⇧⌘T shortcut assigned to Format > Style > Standard Size since an app can have only one instance of any given shortcut in the main menu. I don’t think losing the Standard Size shortcut is a big deal for most folks.

Def need a menu command for “close tab” so we can set a keyboard shortcut for that too.

Are you aware of a standard app that has both New Tab and Show Fonts menu items?

The two apps I’m aware of that have both are EagleFiler and MacVim, both of which use ⌘T to open a new tab.

That’s an interesting question. (Maybe a candidate for a pub trivia contest?) No – I’m not aware of one. I don’t use the two you mentioned.