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Is there a way to give a note two colors?

I recall being able to set two colors for a note, but I can’t seem to figure out the way to do this now. Is this still possible? Thank you. -Tim

Some of the many Pattern settings use two colors. For example, diagonal gradients start with $Color in the top left-corner and change gradually to $AccentColor in the lower right. You can experiment with these in the Appearance Inspector

Mark - I’m looking at that inspector pane and see the gradient. I recall there was a way to color a note so that, say, the left half was blue and the right half was red. (There was even a way to adjust the color scheme so that a note could be 75% blue, and 25% red, etc.) I thought there was a way to adjust $Color and $Color2 to do that…

I think you’re looking for the bar() and vbar() patterns, which use $Color and $AccentColor (that’s what used to be $Color2 in older documentation).

Ah yes…that’s what I was using! Thank you Mark!

It’s a little confusing if you want to go via the UI as you set the pattern ($Patten) on the Appearance Inspector Plot tab and not the Interior tab. Also the vbar/bar don’t use the colour controls on that page. Here is a v8.6 .x default coloured note set to bar(75) using the Inspector:

Note the two colours are set here:

And just to prove it here is $Pattern as seen in the notes KA (after I’d set the pattern):

Untitled 2020-04-02 16-05-14

HTH :slight_smile:

@To1234 a diversion from the “color my note” path you are on, but you might also considering using Note Flags as another way to indicate something about the meaning or context of status of a note on a map.

Gents - I greatly appreciate your responses. Note Flags are something I hadn’t been aware of. Will definitely make me rethink some of the things I’m doing. Thanks again. -Tim

Also, if you don’t use badges and want to see a progress bar in Outline view there is the almost forgotten Outline Colour Swatch feature.