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Is there a way to hide handles?

Is there a way to hide the handles when a note is clicked in map view?

In short, No. They are a deliberate visual affordance to show the note is selected. To give a fuller answer why do you need to hide them?

To be clear, I’m talking about the control handles that allow you to change the curve of connecting links in map view. When I select a note, the connecting links animate, drawing my attention to connections. But at the same time, these bezier controls pop up, which are to me an unnecessary visual distraction. Just because I select a note doesn’t mean I’m interested in changing the appeearance of the links. It’s like selecting a note, and having a pop-up menu of colors I could apply to the note. Why would I want that?

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You could use linear links, I suppose.

You raise an interesting point, one I’ve not heard before. I’ll give it some thought.