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Is there a way to restrict a "List or Set" User attribute?

I am wanting to restrict a list to only certain items to act more like a dropdown field. It is my understanding that the “list and set” data types allow for pre-population but also allow for adding in new values on the fly. Although, I really like this feature most of the time, I also would like to restrict the “set or list” to only certain values.

Is there a way to do this?

Let’s say you have a set-type attribute $Colors. And let’s assume that within your file there are notes that have values blue, red, green, orange, and so on.

To the best of my understanding, the drop-down list is set up to show you all the values that exist for that attribute. So if one or more of your notes have a value of orange, orange is going to be among the values you see. (On the other hand, if you delete that note, or remove its and any other note’s assignment to orange, orange will no longer appear on the drop-down list – unless you have pre-populated it.)

So the list is (as I understand it) designed explicitly to show you all the range of values for a certain attribute. To get a truncated list, you’d need to set up some other attribute and make sure that you assigned it only the values you wanted to see on a list.

Thanks James as always for your assistance.

Agreed, the drop down list is what I am thinking will be the best way. Thank you again. I will use the dropdown list for limiting myself to the values already suggested and the open field in the KA whenever I wish to add to the “list” or “set”

Thanks again for the assistance.

Note that KA pop-up lists also appear in the Get Info attributes tab and, since v7, in the Quickstamp Inspector.

If you want a set or list attribute to provide for a specific set of values, list those values in the attribute’s suggested values. These will be included in the dropdown values menu even if they are not currently in use in your document.