Is there a way to sort the pop-up dialog list of User Attributes in the Document Inspector?

On those projects with many UA’s, it helps to be able to sort the pop-up list. Is there a way to?

Currently, my list is alphabetically sorted except for the Boolean UAs, that are at the bottom of the list (not all of them actually).

Ideally I’d like to either have them sort entirely alphabetically, or entirely by Type, or (outrageous demand) be able to drag them up/down the list.


OK, so we’re talking about the main pop-up list at the top of the Document Inspector’s User tab? If so, I’ve only ever seen the list sorted in A–Z order.

What are the names of the boolean attributes sorting at the end? Does that sort persist after re-starting the TBX and or app?

For those of use using a lot of user attributes, a search box (as with the System attributes Inspector) would be useful.

My UA list on this current project is definitely not allpha-sorted. The list in fact appears to be irrational, in the sense that I have a cluster of boolean UA’s (prepended with “isXxxxx” that show up toward the end of the pop-up roll. At the very end is another UA (a numerical type, and not the only UA that is numerical), which is not supposed to be alphabetically last.

The list displays consistently “wrong” - re-opening the project or re-launching Tbx does not affect sorting order.

I like the idea of a search box, but actually when one thinks about it, one often forgets the specific UA names when we are dealing with and skipping between multiple projects; therefore it might be nice to be able to at least see all the names. As it stands the pop-up roll extends past the screen if there are more than a couple dozen (depending on one’s monitor size), making it impossible to see which UAs a particular project contains.

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Send me the document. If sensitive, make a copy, delete everything in the copy, and send me the empty copy.

Note that user attribute sorting is case-sensitive: aadvark comes after Zebra. Attributes with non-ASCII initial letters (characters other than A-Z a-z 0-9) will sort after everything else.

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Sent, thanks.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the note on the Inspector’s list (here) to clarify the status quo.

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