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Is there anyway the tasks can sync with other PM apps like Jira or Linear?


So I like the ideas of tasks in tinderbox. It is useful finding notes in context. But for time dependent projects I use scrum apps like linear.

I could ofcourse manually copy paste tasks, but I wanted to know if there is an open API so that tasks can sync with these apps?

Sync is difficult, import is easy. I can’t find Linear’s documentation, but I presume they have some sort of text export; you should be able to import or Watch that without much trouble.

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Linear seems to have Docs here, and an API here. Perhaps a Linear user can delve into these for pertinent sections? Trying to understand a doc you yourself don’t use can be confusing - having a start point can help.

Plus don’t overlook AppleScript as part of the glue. I’m not sure if Linear has proper AppleScript support. {Edit: the last isn’t snarky—I just don’t know! Many newer apps see AppleScript as a bit old-school and even apple doesn’t show it much love though it still powers a lot of workflow and inter-app stuff in the macOS universe}.