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Is there something like an Alias that can contain children? (TB 6.4)

The question almost says it all (or maybe not ;)): I was wondering if there is something similar to an Alias that is actually allowed to contain children. My thought process for that is the following: I like to work in a map view but appreciate also the hierarchical view of the outline. Furthermore, having some notes are or at least should be present in different branches of that outline and contain chlildren and this is what Aliases can’t handle. For example: I’d like to have a branch “institutions” and a branch “places” in my outline. A certain school is at the same time a place and an institution, but, of course it can contain different children as well - the school, viewed as a place could contain different rooms or whatever, whereas the institution might contain the teachers of said school - so it would be desirable to have something like an alias (since viewing the school as an institution or as a place doesn’t change the fact that we’re looking at the same school, just in a different way and therefore should be treated as one) but that can also contain different kinds of children.

No; Tinderbox aliases can’t contain children. But it’s always very fast and easy to move from an alias to its original.

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… and there’s nothing similar that would yield the desired effect, I take it? :slight_smile: