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Is this possible?

Hi, I just discovered Tinderbox, and am wondering if this is possible, as it would be a deal-maker for me. :slight_smile:

I do a lot of my work using custom database I develop in Python. It would be fantastic if I were able to have a python process running as a server that allowed me to pipe work in and out of tinderbox from my own stores on the fly. The big question for these types of workflows when I’ve done them before is keeping things in sync: letting the Tinderbox side know stuff has changed and the UI should reload, or alternately triggering a write to the python side. Is this the kind of thing one can do with Tinderbox? And if so, pointers to documentation or examples of it would be great.


See my answer here. There’s been little discussion of this sort of deep integration - you are better off contacting Eastgate directly for a more accurate answer.

Yeah that’s why I wondered. It’s something a lot of programmer IDEs do now, and opens up a lot of possibilities. For example all the jetbrains stuff runs a daemon to watch your files and reload them for you if you want. Dead handy.

Do you have a practical example of what you’re trying to do via that method?

You could make your Python server respond to HTTP URLs, and then create a TB note with $URL set and $AutoFetch to true. Then Tinderbox would periodically fetch the new content from your Python server and update the note.

Another possibility is using runCommand to run a command-line utility (that might be during export only, I’m not sure).

I don’t think there’s a way to tell Tinderbox about updates… TB is going to have to pull.

If I were doing this, I’d expose URLs from the Python server and use Tinderbox’s URL-fetching functionality to update the note content.