Json() and jsonValue()

I got this JSON returned from an API:

{"app_version":"v1.1","time_taken":0.002452373504638672,"msg":"language detection successful","ok":true,"language_probability":{"en":"0.99999745365333"}}

now using the parser:

var:string probability = theResult.json["language_probability"];

returns { en:0.99999745365333 } the quotes are missing, no JSON anymore.
so probability.json[0] returns “no such field”.

var:string probability = theResult.jsonValue["language_probability"];

returns “no such field”. But the path to the field seems correct to me?!

Also var:string probability = theResult.jsonValue["language_probability"][0] returns “no such field”.

For sure I’m doing something wrong?!

This one I can see the error as .jsonValue() uses parentheses so the syntax should be:


It seems to me that action code lists parsing of [] and dictionaries {} may be confusing JSON parsing. But, I don’t know as I don’t consider myself expert with JavaScript and I’ve only the examples taken from release notes to to work with. So, I’m afraid I can’t really help.

Stream parsing needs some detailed worked examples using ll stream parsing commands, with a separate demo for each of text, JSON and XML streams.

theResult.jsonValue("language_probability") returns “” :frowning:

Indeed, but I’ve no idea why.

The value of “language probability” is a dictionary with one key, “en”. So:

var:string number = theResult.json["language_probability"]["en"];
 ➛ 0.999974...

This is now in the test suite. We could also use


jsonValue() extracts a value from the current json object, which is captured by .json.

I would now recommend the first approach; jsonValue() help route around problems with representing nested objects, but I believe those are behind us.