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June 2022 @Markoconnor TBX Challenge

@Markoconnor, see his original post "Is there a need for a paid course or a guide on “How to use Tinderbox?”, has suggested that we put forth a monthly challenge, something we can all dig our teeth into to learn Tinderbox. What a great idea!

So that his challenge does not get lost in the weeks, with this post, I’m pulling out of the thread the first challenge, which was graciously provided by @Markoconnor.

June 2022 TBX Challenge

  • Create a tbx file from the data that creates all managers and employees as a built in Person Prototype
  • Add $Attributes that capture age, company, salary inside the Person Prototype
  • Managers and Employees are to have different badges
  • Background outline colour to be different if Age >50
  • Create an Agent that picks out the company with the most employees
  • Create a ‘dashboard’ note that displays the average salary of all employees

Here is a zip to the data proved by @Markoconnor:
Archive.zip (51.2 KB)

@Markoconnor, challenge accepted. Thanks, that was fun!

TBX L - May 2022 Challenge Becker.tbx (1.5 MB)

I’m looking forward to seeing what others come up with to address this challenge.

Thanks Michael,
JuneChallenge.tbx (5.2 MB)

Here is my version ( I purposely haven’'t looked at yours but looking forward to doing so shortly to compare appproaches )

I have included a note MySteps detailing the steps I took ( most of whch were to tweak the spreadsheet into a more useful arrangement prior to copy and pasting by adding columns for Prototype Manager and Employee and chaning headers to Name)
I used Attrtibute browser rather than an agent to get to the Company with most employees

Glad you enjoyed it, I did too

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Very cool. Yes, we took different approached. Mine was around creating a dynamic file automation rules rather than using stamps, which was what your approach used. We did similar cleanup in the Excel. I thought of using the Attribute Browser too, but wanted to stay true to your challenge. :grinning:

Just looked at yours - nice - Interesting differences too - I actually couldn’t work out my own challenge to the “agent for the largest company” :woozy_face: in the time I’d allotted to do it. I rarely use the Attribute browser ( I wondered if cross tabs might be useful here but use that not at all so stopped playing with it ) - Your code in threads passim re terms, links and acronyms etc… I have found very helpful so shall add your agent solution to my snippets pile - thanks

The excel trick of adding a column header ‘Prototype’ with all subsequent row entries the protoype you have already created made the allocation of prototypes to employees and managers trivial ( Using separate select cut and paste operations for both rahter than drag)

Basing new prototypes ( manager/employee) on a base prototype ( inbuilt Person) is useful for not re-inventing the wheel of key atributes while allowing little differences ( like badges )

I tend to reach for stamps rather than rules/edicts as it feels simpler to undo mistakes and can practice on one or two notes without the irritation I often make of adjusting the rule in a note rather than its prototype.


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I agree with this sentiment. It is easier.