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Just getting started ... customizing UI ... Make active pane more apparent?

The only visual representations I’ve found which indicate which of the two panes (Outline View is all I’m using so far) is active are a subtle shading along the top and left-hand edges of the left-hand pane when it is active (and no shading when it is not active) and the presence of the blinking insertion point in the right-hand pane when it is active (and no insertion cursor when it is not active). These are, to my beginner’s eyes, easy to miss. (I am using “Edit ▹ Document Settings ▹ Colors ▹ Standard”.) How can I make it more apparent which pane is currently active?

The reason I ask is because typing and formatting results depend on which pane is active.

Tinderbox 7.3.0 demo on OS 10.11.6.

This is the standard Macintosh interface. But it’s easy enough to click on the pane you want.

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