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Keyboard short cut to quickly start a list


I create lot of lists in my notes text section. Every time I have to navigate to the menu Format>Text>List

Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly start a list? a Numbered one or A,B,C … ?

No, there isn’t.

(In TextEdit, option-tab starts a list delimited with a dash, but in Tinderbox that keystroke has been coopted for other purposes.)

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Any update of this feature? I’d be happy to have a handy keyboard short cut since I also use lists a lot.

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I can certainly understand your interest in having a keyboard shortcut for a very frequently used function e.g. lists. It’s a difficult subject sometimes what to give a shortcut or not. Personally I don’t use the list function very often for instance and would prefer shortcuts for other functions.

Two solutions come to mind as an alternative to software hard coded keyboard shortcuts.

i) As a global solution for pretty much anything to do with keyboard inputs and actions Keyboard Maestro will let you transform anything that has a menu entry into a shortcut (and so much more). It does cost 36 dollars but has been an excellent investment.

ii) Ofter overlooked is the shortcut to help (command+/) and typing the first few letters of the menu item you would like to use. For TB I need only to type the 3 letters to reach the desired menu item. Longer than a dedicated keyboard shortcut but much faster than the mouse.


The keyboard shortcut that goes straight to the search function under help. On my system (MacOS High Sierra) it seems to be Command+/. Once you reach this search window simply type the first few letters of the menu name that you would like to access e.g. “lis” or similar in this case for list.

(see illustration below)

You can set up a custom shortcut for pretty much any OS X menu item.

  1. Open System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts.
  2. Click “app shortcuts” in the left pane
  3. Click the + button, select “Tinderbox7” from the Application dropdown
  4. Type “Format->Text->List…” in the “Menu title” box
  5. Enter the shortcut you want into the shortcut box

Now your shortcut is available in Tinderbox. It won’t immediately format it as a list, but it brings up the list dialog box so you can set the list options. It saves you a couple menu clicks…

Custom shortcuts are super useful. I particularly like them when I have stamps that I use frequently, I can assign a stamp to a keyboard shortcut and get quick access to it.

I knew about custom shortcuts but had not known this way of bringing up the dialogue box. Thanks!