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Keyboard shortcut consistency

Hi folks, would it be possible to put in the dropdown “note” menu a visual reminder of whatever the keyboard shortcut is for “Expand Proportionately” and “Shrink to Fit”? Also, can I confirm please what the keyboard shortcut for these command is? Thanks, JR

I think these don’t have shortcuts listed as there are none. Tinderbox already makes heavy use of the available shortcut options as shown here.

You can assign your own shortcuts in System Preferences.

And if you have a keyboard with a number pad, it turns out that Command-1 (top row) is different than Command-1 (number pad), thereby giving a huge number of new keyboard shortcuts! I was blown away when I learned this!

For example, I use BetterSnapTool to make my windows dance across three monitors. Command-7, Command-9, Command-3, and Command-1 on the number pad move a window from upper left, to upper right, to lower left, to lower right respectively, all in fractions of a second! Others snap to left or right half, upper or lower half, thirds, center, next monitor. It’s a dream!

So if you have a 101-keyboard, fear not from Tinderbox’s exhaustive shortcut list. There’s always room for a few more.

(That’s why I now stick that giant keyboard in my backpack. I don’t want to be without it!)

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