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Keyboard shortcut for quickly create a note in the text editor?

Hi there,
These days I’m preparing my final exam and using Tinderbox to quickly jot down some notes for reference. I mainly use the outline view because it’s clean and fast. So here’s my workflow.

  1. In outline view, press RETURN to quickly create a new note.
  2. Enter the note title.
  3. Click the text editor on the right by trackpad or mouse.
  4. Start editing the content of that new note.
  5. Click the outline view on the left by trackpad or mouse.
  6. GOTO step 2 (next iteration).

It’s clear that the steps in bold (3 and 5) is slowing down the whole workflow, since you need to move your hands from keyboard to mouse/trackpad. If you need to do some really quick note taking (for taking notes in classes, for instance), the disfluency would be significant.

So I’m seeking for two keyboard shortcuts that allows:

  1. Create a new note and put the cursor on the title, without moving the focus from the text editor.
  2. Moving the cursor from note title (in the outline view) to note content (in the text editor).

Any suggestions are welcomed, thanks!

  1. Create a new note by pressing :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: in the outline
  2. Enter the name and press :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: again
  3. Press ⌥ ⇥ (option tab) to go to the text of the current note
  4. Enter the text
  5. Press ⌥ ⇥ to go back to the outline and repeat from step 1.

No need to involve mice.


Nice mouse killer! Knowing the ⌥ ⇥ key combination will greatly enhance my workflow. Thanks!