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Keyboard shortcut to "Expand all in outline"


Usually, outliners expand all nested items with command+control+0

But in tinderbox, I don’t see any keyboard shortcut for expanding all.

Could you please help me with the appropriate shortcut?


Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 3.58.24 PM

It’s near the bottom of the View menu.

By default, we don’t assign a shortcut key. You can do this yourself in System Preferences, of course!

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Actually, the ‘expand all’ shortcut does expand the entire outline, you don’t need to add one. Thus, ⌘+⌥+▸ (⌘+⌥+click container disclosure triangle) on any closed disclosure triangle will expand the entire outline. Similarly, ⌘+⌥+click on any open disclosure triangle will collapse the entire outline.

To expand/collapse only the current branch use Opt+click on the triangles.

For an exhaustive list of Tinderbox’s shortcuts, see here: Reverse Look-up Map

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In principle, View ▸ Expand All could have a keyboard shortcut that wouldn’t require any clicks at all. You don’t even need to have a selected note.

I suspect that Expand All/Collapse All are lightly used. Then again, perhaps they’re too hard to discover.

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