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Keyboard Shortcuts for moving from highlighted outline to a note

ok, this is so basic that am feeling embarrassed to ask.

I want to navigate from this note (highlighted in the outline) to the note area where I can add my notes using my keyboard but I am completely flummoxed. Please check the below image to understand my query.

(Note - I am using keycue and cheatsheet but don’t see the navigate optionin them)

A good place to look for shortcuts is here, in the Reverse Look-up Map.

I think you are looking for this:

Tab+[Opt]: Toggle focus: $Text → first Displayed Attribute → main view → $Text

If there are no Displayed Attributes of the current note the shortcut simply toggles the input focus between the view pane and the text pane’s $Text area.

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WORKED! Phew, thanks :slight_smile:

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