Knowledge Management 4C’s (Now 5Cs)

Can someone provide me with some additional materials on Knowledge Management (KM) 4 C’s? Any seminal research done on this? And who is the past and present leaders of the 4C model?

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There is no “seminal research” on this model just yet. It is something that I’ve been developing over the last year. It is now the 5Cs, as I’ve added “collaboration” to the model. You can find a post that helps explain my thinking here: An end-to-end Professional, Academic, & Personal 5Cs of Knowledge Management Workflow (Updated). Would you your input.

Yes Michael, I have already mind mapped your discourse, which is a fascinating read. I look forward to applying your 5C’s in my research on Organizational Learning and other topics.

Thank you so much for all the Tinderbox videos. I’d wish I had these tools when I started my PhD and wrote my dissertation.

Kim W Petersen, PhD


Awesome! Please let me know how you progress. I’d like to evolve the method. Shall we schedule and offline Zoom call to compare notes?

Yes, let’s hook up sometime this week. Have you heard of “Bloom’s Taxonomy”?

Yes, I’m very aware of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Let’s do next week, as I’m in Mexico Tinderboxing away.
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