Lasting reading location

Using $AutoFetch attribute to sync whole article from website is very useful for me, but I found that sometimes I can’t read all article at once, until I have spare time to continue my reading, I need to scroll down to find the position I’ve read last time. Does anyone have a better way to solve the problem to easy jumping to last reading position?

There is no affordance of the type you mention. Not least I suspect, because Tinderbox’s concept is—or was—about short notes. So, a simple solution is to download your article and then explode it into a series of short notes notes containing readable chunks. You can give each a boolean attribute you tick off when read. The app can know if we have selected a note, but only we as the reader can record that we have truly read the latter.

I myself might leave a marker:

- resume here -

at the place in the article where I left off. Then, when you return, it’s easy to search for the break.

If you do this a lot, I might add a timestamp (Format ▸ Date ▸ Insert Date or ⌘-/) as well.

Thanks @mwra for you advice, that remind me to rethink whether I went the wrong way to use tinderbox to take notes. Maybe I should take the way to explode an article into piece to make heavy workload easier.
Also thanks @eastgate, the way you suggested was certainly the way I’m taking right now, but leaving a timestamp is better to utilize the way.