Left edges and duration bars not showing up in timeline band

Hi everyone, here’s another timeline-related question.

I have a timeline with two bands. Events in the first band are displayed as expected—with a vertical indicator when only $StartDate is present or with a duration indicator when $EndDate is also set. Sadly, no indicators are displayed, as you can see in the screenshot.

What am I missing?

Thanks a lot!

Here’s the TBX file, in case it’s useful.

Israel.tbx (661.1 KB)

PS. After closing Tinderbox, the scale’s width, which I set by right-clicking on the scale, gets reset. Is there any attribute to control it, so that I can prevent the reset?

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They are correct. Only one of the bottom band (current prime ministers) has no end date and shows a bar. The reason you don’t see them is your choice of colour scheme for the meeting.

The sidebar (start only) or duration underline (start & end) are drawn in $AccentColor (what used to be called $Color2). In your test doc, unwittingly, the dark colour scheme doesn’t allow for this. This might provoke a “why doesn’t it just work?” though, but actually, writing a one scheme suits all views is hard. And lest anyone is about to ask, we can’t set per-view (or per tab) colour schemes.

To make sense of the colour issues, try altering your test doc’s colour scheme (via Doc Settings Cmd+8, Color tab) to use the ‘Tinderbox 7’ scheme.Once you can see what you can’t see in the dark scheme, you can figure out how to customise your dark scheme.


BTW, I concur that time scale is not being retained and that if $TimelineEnd is set, item titles close to the end get clipped if they need to draw their label beyond the timeline end date.

I’ve reported to tech support (so no one else needs to!).

We’ll look into this, and will also adjust the scaling to avoid the unsightly clipping issue.

That was it! Thanks so much, Mark!

That’s wonderful—thanks for that, Mark!

If I’m allowed a UI suggestion, I’d love it if the scale remained fixed at the bottom; in its current form, it’s difficult to figure out the dates without a lot of scrolling up and down.

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Yes figuring out dates is a bit difficult.

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