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License expiring in between unstable releases

License expired around 8.06 and there’s been a few fix releases since then. Would be nice if the license would at least expire in between stable releases.

Since this is a user-to-user how-to forum, perhaps writing Eastgate directly about financial issues would be helpful?

There are no “unstable releases”. Test releases are backstage.

Tinderbox 8.0.6 was July 5. Since then, we’ve released

  • Tinderbox 8.1
  • Tinderbox 8.1.1
  • Tinderbox 8.2
  • Tinderbox 8.2.1

I had a look at the past three releases and I noticed roughly about a hundred or so bug fixes, revisions on unresponsive behaviors and the like. Either way, fully aware of the terms when purchased the product…no biggie. TY

Maybe I’d like to hear what others might chime in. After all the idiom topic category “Off the Wall” seems to objectively represent a “markedly unconventional” topic? :slight_smile:

For perspective, Tinderbox currently has about 175,000 lines of code, and 74 kind of windows and popovers. Occasionally, things go wrong; when they do, we correct the problem and we tell you about it.

Increasingly, software developers are being forced to abandon release notes for vaguely word claims of “big fixes and improvements”; perhaps we’d be wise to follow them.

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Where is the „dislike“ button of the forum? I have to instantly dislike some of the posts here in this thread…

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I’m grateful for @eastgate’s attention to user reports, responsiveness i troubleshooting and repairing issues, all at the same time as introducing compelling new features in Tinderbox. I appreciate your frankness is explaining root cause and repair, and I suspect almost everyone who participates in this forum feels the same.


Absolutely !!!

This kind of support is a major factor in choosing and using software for me and (not wanting to patronise) should be for everyone. I choose TB and some others over some highly trumpeted rivals because I know I’ll get proper attention to issues, as well as continuos improvement.

The cost of providing that support is substantial - and it’s a reason why so many app developers are moving to subscription. They’ve discovered that they just can’t maintain and develop complex, attractive software on the back of $10 or even $50 licence fees alone.