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Like $DisplayExpression for $Caption?

It’s not possible to have a note’s caption be coded in a dynamic way, correct?

What do you mean by dynamically code, Beck?

You can definitely change the caption using stamps, rules and edicts, but is there something else you mean? I don’t think they change without some trigger though (like clicking outside the note, changing the view etc, rather than continually updating).

Am I misunderstand what you’re after?


I was after putting something like the Rule query you used for your illustration into the Caption box, like so:

But this’ll definitely work!

(What I’m after in this instance is putting the $AgentQuery as the caption to the agent. It’d be neat to just have this be automatic, say in an agent Prototype.)

Thanks, David!

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If you add to the code:


Then for this agent (only) the caption will change to a monospace font making it easier to read the code.

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I’m glad it helped!

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Nice touch!


Of course other fonts are available, but you get the idea. :smile: