Link appearance 'anomalies' (?)

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 12.20.14 pm

Links made as you’d expect sometimes change to this format where a few letters are missed, and the link destination can be incorrect.

Is anyone aware of how to prevent this from happening?

Usually I copy and paste as plain text (with no formatting/link data), however it can recur.

It’s rare, it seems to happen with outbound URLs.

Information on precisely how to replicate this would be of great interest.

It’s not very common, and because it’s easy to fix, I think it’s not always reported.

If you like I can e-mail the document… It’s a sensitive file. Otherwise I will capture a screen video next opportunity.

Knowing what you did immediately before the shift in text link spans is the key.

Question, have you checked the links? Are they actually real links to something real or “gibberish links.” A long time ago I experienced text getting random links. I’ve not experienced it in ages.

they are real links