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Link Display in Timeline

Is it possible to Toggle the display of links in the Timeline?

I did find this suggestion from @eastgate but I couldn’t get it to work. The post was in 2019 but perhaps something has changed and the suggestion is no longer valid.

Actually, you can, with a but of fancy footwork. Let’s suppose you have a container ART with this timeline.

  • Make a new agent, with the query inside(/ART)
    • Open a timeline view on the agent’s children

Since the aliases in the agent have no links, you’ll see no links. But because their $StartDate and $EndDate are taken from the original notes, you’ll see the aliases where they belong.

In a perfect world it would be easier to toggle the links ON/OFF.>

Any suggestions on how to accomplish toggling the link display?


I’d say that advice still holds true, but it would only work for basic (i.e. note to note) links and not text links (text anchor to note) as both aliases and originals ‘share’ those links. That may be why the method failed.

There actually is a toggle of sorts. At document level, in the Links Inspector you can toggle the visibility of all links of a given link type on/off. This works globally in any view using links (e.g. map, timeline) for that link type until you toggle that link type back on. Note that if you are using multiple link type each one needs toggling off separately. But I think that’s as close as you can get now to your request