Link duplication in watched devonthink group


I’ve been experimenting with watching a Devonthink group. The files in the Devonthink group use wikilinks. When I open the the links view in the text pain I see that the Inbound and Outbound link counts increase - perhaps once for each ‘watch’ operation.

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There are no wiki-links evident in the screengrabs. What does the source look like in DEVONthink? If it is using [[...]] type link indication . I think I see what might be happening (and I think it’s a mistake) but I don’t want to guess, plus a fix needs a reproducible test case. Hard when 2 apps are involved as it as much what goes into the DEVONthink source as it is Tinderbox behaviour with the watch-returned result.

In theory, a Tinderbox-generated in-doc text link should be be created if it already exists. Note also that in watched notes (whose $Text is read-only), I think the $Text is replaced every watch cycle.

†. Is there a standard for this is is this another undocumented convention where we all assume we’re doing it right but in reality we’re simply trying to match observed behaviour in [some context]?

Fair enough.

Here is a test configuration. In Devonthink I have three documents:

Each document has 2 links and I am using [[…]] in the source documents.

The links view in the watched folder in Tinderbox:

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Just about to start a call, but yes, your ‘source’ docs have what Tinderbox sees and is interpreting as text inks to be generated via the ‘zip-link’ method. I guess that when the watched notes $Text is refreshed, existing text links aren’t destroyed when the older $Text is replaced by the new text (or previous and newly-created text links aren’t being de-duped). So, each watch cycle is likely re-creating the links and thus duplicates. Sadly, at present, there is no user method to workaround that as it requires changes in inside the app (assuming I’ve diagnosed this correctly).

Thanks :+1:

The current backstage release no longer expands zip links in watched document, so the next release will take care of this issue.


Thank you