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Link text recognition

I am experimenting with dragging (or copying URLS) from Curio, BusyCal and other apps into Tinderbox to create new notes. Sometimes the URL text is recognized immediately as a link, while other times not. A BusyCal link appears (such as busycalevent://info/E3401635-7249-400C-8D96-7F289451CA1B+507488400) changes from plain text to a link after I put the cursor at the end and hit return once or twice. Sometimes, however, this does not seem to work. If I edit text above the link text, for example

Some text


the busycalevent never converts to a link. Is there some standard way to get the text to always convert?

The methodology by which URLs is detected is not known to users so the user forum can’t really help with this. It’s the sort of question better asked directly of support.

Ok, I will ask support. While I am interested in the internals, the question was about external behavior and what actions if any that I needed to do (or not do) to insure that the text is recognized as a link.

When you drop URLs into text notes, Tinderbox relies of Apple’s recognizers to create embedded links. These are undocumented, and change with macOS releases; the rules (whatever they are) were tightened in macOS Sierra to enhance security by decreasing the likelihood of following a covert or pernicious smart link.

If you paste the BusyCal URL into the URL attribute, the ViewInBrowser button lets you follow the link back to BusyCal.

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