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Link updating within TBX Preview view

When making changes to links I notice that the preview mode does not immediately update the change - I have to export to HTML and then all works ok - Is there a way to force the update without the rigamarole of exporting? tia

What changes are you making, Mark? Perhaps someone can try to replicate and see what’s going on.

Hi Paul,

I’m in a test environment with a very simple home page to a few notes; 1,2,3,4 each with a child or three; 1.1,1.2,2.1,3.1,3.2,3.3 and 4.1 .

I’ve created simple untitled links from parent to child and between parents

I’m experimenting with the action code ^inboundBasicLinks( [start, list-item-prefix, list-item-suffix, end, type] )^ and its outbound equivalent ( which is going well on the whole with thanks to Brian Crane for his recent export tutorials which has encouraged me to tinker again)

If I change the html template to say put the inbound links in a list, change a suffix, put them at the bottom of the page etc… then the preview view for notes using that template are not always updated - if I force an export to my desktop all is as expected in the output and when I flip back to TBX all is fine there too


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Aside, you don’t need to make explicit links for exportable parent-child relationships as ^childLinks^ can do that automatically during export.

I think the issue is that it is the template that is changing not the note(s) and this is causing Tinderbox to miss the fact it changes those note’s HTML/preview. Thus, for now you need to do something to refresh the view.

I have to say I cannot reproduce this, with a combo in the file of ^inboundBasicLinks^, outboundBasicLinks, and ^childLinks – by moving elements around the template, adding to the template, deleting from the template. But I am not sure I have all the parameters of the problem down so there’s likely something I’m missing.

For me, I cannot recall an issue where Preview is not responsive to template changes.

Try to see if simply closing then reopening the document will ‘kick’ the Preview back into conformance with the template?

Thanks Mark

Yes, I get that but wanted explicitly to play with these export codes. The notes are not strictly parent child - all on a map with untiltled links. I can’t work out a pattern here but it isn’t an issue just wanted to know whether there was an easy refresh kick rather than export - best wishes

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You may need to switch to the text pane and back to the preview pane or the HTML pane to update them.

Why? HTML export is computationally intensive. Years ago, I found that exporting the home page for my weblog required nearly a million attribute references. So, we’re fairly conservative in launching preview pane updates.

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