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Link view and suggested links

Dear Forum,

not that I slowly fill my maps and things get a bit more confusing to look at and navigate I was hoping to make more use of the link view and suggested links.

however, as useful as it is, hovering over the entries gives me a content preview but I somehow can’t seem to make anything actionable.
I would like to able to:

  1. jump to the note either in the same tab or within a new tab
  2. linke to it as a zip link or similar
  3. link it to yet another note without much jumping to and fro (especially if it is not on the same map)
  4. just plain copy the content of the note without much fuss

I somehow have not found anything within the app while playing around with it
thanks for the help, all the best,


Double-clicking will follow links to select that note.

You can drag a link onto the suggestion to make a link.

Dragging the preview window converts it into a text window, which you can edit.

More options are coming.

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cheers for the hints. lightning speed as always. what link would I drag to the suggested links…? the link bit from any note in the map view window? will that not deselect the note and thus rid me of the suggested links view?

Here is another one. In link view, if you you click on the note and tear the pop-up away into its own window. Now you can edit that not, copy form it, etc.

No, you select text and drag from the text pane link widget. The latter has been a standard for 20 years of the app’s life and in its current widget UI since v6.

The above is the same as a ‘zip link’. The latter term relates only to how you make a link; in the case of the ziplinks link-creation method you make a text link (as above) albeit without the ability to set a link type at time of creation.

Confusion about ziplinks arises because people don’t understand the method produces a text link like any other text link. If unclear, I commend the section of aTbRef on links.