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Linking from a note in a container to a note in a different container in map view

Hi All, is there a way to link from a note in one container to a note in a different container in map view?

When I try parking the link of the original note, once I leave the container I can’t seem to access the parked link and the link becomes whatever container I go to.

Thank you - Evan

Absolutely — that’s what the parking space is for!

Drag the link to the parking space in the upper left-hand corner. Release the mouse button.

Now, navigate to the destination. Click the parking space and drag the link from the parking space to the destination, then release the mouse.

Thank you. I finally got this to work but it’s a bit inconsistent - sometimes when I go to drag the link from the parking space - the link has become the container – could this be happening if I’m not holding the link in the parking space long enough? Trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong when it doesn’t work.

This isn’t something I’ve ever seen or heard of in twenty years of working with the parking space.

Can you give the steps to re-create. I.e. doing each step and recording it at the timer rather than from memory. I know, from doing it, this feels like a PITA, but sometimes the process flushes the (likely) edge case you are tripping on. Or, do a video showing the problem/

OK - my apologies - I think I figured out what I was doing - I was using the parking space in the left hand part of the right pane rather than the one all the way in the upper left hand corner and I was being inconsistent with which of those dots (parking spaces) I was dragging the original link to.

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The parking space in the right-hand corner is for making text links from the current text selection.

(And if $Text has no selection dragging from the text link widget to the main toolbar link park drags a basic (not) text link to the latter.)

Thank you @eastgate & @mwra - all of this additional information is helpful - really appreciate the quick and helpful info!