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Linking to remote server files \\server\folder\path\filename


I use TB to produce a regular newsletter in my organisation. I create ‘news-item-from-prototype’ clips through the month as they come to me, and use templates, boilerplate for top and tailing and HTML export to pull it all together - it works very well.

Recently I have included in the footer boilerplate links to files that are held on the organisations server ( \hmcdata) in our departments shared folder (\Mobile Service)

When at work a simple hyperlink like \hmcdata\Mobile Service\Path\NameOffile.ext will open the file

In my boilerplate I use the tag link text format like

<a href=“\hmcdata\Mobile Service\Clinical Governance Committee\CGC Action Tracker.pdf”> CGC Action Tracker

However in the generated export I get file:///Users/markoconnor/Desktop/newsletter/Agents… added as a prefix

Is there a way I can simply have \hmcdata\Mobile Service\ retained as a pure prefix? (if I ditch the a href tag it doesn’t render as a link in the exported html ( although does in the text body of the note)

Many thanks in advanced

In-house, the link is using Finder to resolve the local file path, which may point to some other server but accessible from your current Mac. In the HTML page you need to use the (web) URL from the Web (or at least, in-house, your internal ‘Web’). Thus you will likely want to use want to use a fixed URL in the template or ^url^ - without more context its hard to be more precise.