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Links are invisible

After moving Tinderbox Version 7.5.4 (b328) to a MacBook Pro 2017 15’’ links are not showing up anymore. They are stille there, because they become visible again in very small scale only, but then to small to handle. Any suggestions?


Some possible ambiguity in the question here.

  • Did the links in this file work in v7.5.4 on a different Mac and only fail on the new one?
  • Does the failure happen in multiple docs or just one?
  • Did the links work in a different version of TBX? If, so on which Macs?
  • Are these built-in default link types or ones you’ve edited or added new to the document?

Hello Mark,

Links show up in the same file on MacBook Pro 13’ 2010 as usual.

Links are displayed as expected, when new links are being defined.

Links show up, when container with notes that have links are copied in new file.

I am going to circle the problem and do some more test as soon as possible.

Maybe the file is corrupted? Are there ways to export the notes including the attributes with the idea to start from a fresh file?

Thanks, for your fast reply.


OK, so it’s same file, different Macs so it’s reasonable to expect the same effect. Is one a retina display and one not so?

Yes, the one not showing the links is a Retina display.

While testing and playing around, I found out, that links appear at certain zoom scales. Not visible at zoom level 0, shrinking it 3 times they appear, shrinking further let them disappear again, a few steps later they reappear. Thats definitely not what I would expect.

Have you contacted technical support? As this is a user-to-user forum I’m not sure what more we can diagnose here.

I will do that, thanks for your help!


Links may not be drawn in very large maps at high magnification, especially on larger retina displays, because the links are drawn in a view as large as the entire map, and macOS panics at the idea of drawing such a large image.

We know how to address this in Tinderbox 8. It’s fairly tricky engineering. For the moment, try to keep maps a little bit more compact, or use a lower magnification.

(To the best of my knowledge, this has only been seen a handful of times in the wild; most Tinderbox users won’t need to worry about it.)

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