Links with more than one destination exported to HTML

Is there a way to create text links to more than one note (for HTML export) whereby Tinderbox creates an additional page listing the destinations?

I believe I used to be able to do this, or perhaps it was StorySpace…

I’m finding I can create the multiple links, however Tinderbox follows and encodes just the most recent.

Each discrete link in Tinderbox is between two objects (note, agent, etc.). It is always directional. At source and destination it can either attach as note level (‘basic’ links) or have anchor text in $Text (‘text’ links).

Any note can have zero or more outbound links (i.e. originating in the note) and zero or more inbound links. Tinderbox action/export codes for links generally address export links but action code has methods for looking at either.

Initially this had me confused as it can read as trying to make links with multiple destinations—which would be a ‘no’, see above.

But if you want a note’s exported page to include links to all its outbound links, use the export code ^outboundLinks( [start, list-item-prefix, list-item-suffix, end] )^ in your template.

Storyspace doesn’t do HTML export but you may be thinking of a pop-up Storyspace may show if a note has multiple outbound basic links. This is because Storyspace’s default forward navigation is to follow the first listed basic link, but you might need to chose a different one.

I’m a little rusty on the Storyspace details (@eastgate may correct me) but Tinderbox has no such notion. But you could generate a separate page from Note XYZ’s actual HTML export by making a new note and a new template. The template code would be for a normal HTML page (e.g. as in the default ‘HTML Single Note’ template) with this instead of the ^text^ code:


We’ll name that template ‘t_links’ as we’ll be calling it by name from the $Text of our extra new note (call that note whatever you like). The note’s $Text should contain only this:


Note: make sure the default text behaviour doesn’t turn the straight quotes "" into typographic (curly) ones “”, or the code will fail.

How you interlink note XYZ’s exported HTML page with this extra exported page is up to you.


It seems it used to at some point and that’s probably where my memory stems from, that it would create an extra page itself in place of the pop-up:

Thanks, this works the same.

If my memory about how Storyspace once exported isn’t wrong I would find the feature useful in Tinderbox.

The manual is from an early (v.x?) version of Storyspace for Windows which is no longer sold (though it may run on its original OSs. From Storyspace v3, it and Tinderbox use a common codebase. Checking in the current Storyspace v3.9.0b026 (released 20 Feb 2020, and contemporary to the v8.5.0 Tinderbox) HTML is not supported in Storyspace but Tinderbox can read an Storyspace file so do export that way. The Storyspace v3.9.0 export options look like this, using menu File ▸ Export… ▸ Text:

Monosnap 2024-03-02 14-52-29

And the choices in the top pop-up are:

Links with more than one destination exported to HTML - Q & A - getting started with Tinderbox - Tinderbox Forum 2024-03-02 14-53-05

Note: no HTML option.

So you are right historically but no in the current app. :slight_smile:


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Yes, Storyspace used to do this, and may still do this if you first set up the export in Tinderbox.

You can achieve the same effect by explicitly linking to an intermediate note, of course. That’s less convenient but not entirely bad.

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