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List.collect() and List.collect_if()

Notes on List/Set.collect(label, expression) and List/Set.collect_if(label, condition, expression) have now been corrected.

Many thanks to @satikusala for reporting the errors so I could fix them.

Note to aTbRef users. I’m busy trying to standardise and improve documentation of action code. An example, ‘regex’ will be used instead of ‘pattern’ to describe any input argument than can or must be a regular expression pattern. This should make plained the fact that a regular expression (colloquially a ‘pattern’) has nothing to do with patterns elsewhere in Tinderbox, e.g. $Pattern etc.

As a result some saved links and URL may change over coming weeks, including the ability in some cases to change the aTbRef baseline to see earlier versions of the code Old baselines are unaffected, it is only new/current URLs that may change.

Also appearing on ad hoc updated pages is that I have added the keyboard shortcuts reverse look-up list to the quick-links top and bottom of the web page. Come the new full site refresh, all pages will have that change.

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