List of all Meetups – where?

@mwra & @satikusala is there a complete survey of all already held Tinderbox Meetups (just like Michael’s list of all his fine Tutorials here)

Tutorials are here: Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List)

no no, @satikusala – I knew that and linked it above already …

What I am looking for is a similar complete list of all the already held Tinderbox Meetups – since this vimeo-page does not tell anything about the content of the respective meetups

Try this link:

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nice @abusch … I should have mentioned, that I do know this list already, as well.

Having in mind the important episode 28 of @satikusala’s Tutorials where Michael speaks with @mwra of how to pull into and then manage big data in Tinderbox, that really fuels the appetite of having a, say, Tinderbox file that collects all the data of all already held Tinderbox meetups from the page … so those, like me, late to the party have a real chance to catch up