2023 Meet-up logs/threads (see thread *first* post)

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Meet-up date (reverse date order), Saturday meet-up headings are bold, for other days the (US) day of the meeting start is given.

Not all meetings have recordings - i.e. if no link there is no record. There may also be some lag between the event and uploading material (this is volunteer effort!)

Not all meetings have chat logs (but if you’re there you can always save a local copy to your h/d before the end of the call).

Video: Tinderbox Meetup February 4, 2023 Video
Chat: chat log
Forum: thread

Video: Tinderbox Meetup January 29, 2023
Chat: log
Forum: thread

Video: Tinderbox Meetup 21 JAN 2023 - YouTube
Chat: log
Forum: thread

2023-01-15 (Informal meet, not recorded)

Video: Tinderbox Meetup 07JAN 2033 - YouTube (courtesy of @satikusala)
Chat: meeting_saved_chat.txt.zip (953 Bytes)
Forum: thread (and here)