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Login problems and Stamp information

My old forum ID for me does not work. I can’t login to the old forum. Maybe the 2 logins cannot happen at the same time on my computer?? Maybe the problem occurred because my email address is the same as this forum.

I want to find out what people said about about Stamps since the manual makes no sense to me. The online reference writes about a logical set of pets: guinea pigs, cats and dogs as types of pets. Past that, I got lost. Unfortunately, I have no framework for understanding the relevance of the logical example. So, maybe someone on the old forum wrote about it in a more obvious way for an outsider.

If my identity problem can be solved so I can login to both forums, maybe I can figure out what a stamp is and how it functions as well as the nuts and bolts of how to set one up.

Also, I got the message that I had participated in this forum too many times (twice this morning), so I had to wait to participate again. With such a small number of possible interactions, I worry that I could easily forget that I am supposed to be in hot pursuit of “stamp” information.

By the way, I this forum setup is so much better!!! I hope other come here soon.


The logins for the two forums are entirely separate, so if you can’t login to the old forum it’s mostly because you’ve mis-remembered the either/both the username and password. There is no plan to unite accounts in each forum as part of the move is to slough off old moribund accounts. If you need a password reset for the old forum, use the controls on that forum.

In the old forum, you are not required to login in order to read the old forum. So, unless you want to post there I’d not worry unduly about the login (I’ve just tested - logged out of my account and could still search). However, we’d much prefer you post here as the old forum will probably be closed (at least for posting) if this forum works out.

I’m not sure about the forum posting rate. I guess this is an anti-spam default setting. It can possibly be altered or may go once there are a few more posts.

I’ll make a new post re Stamps - see here. I’ll also put this in the meta category of the forum.

So is the intention that the old forum dies off / becomes archive-only, and all new discussion happens here?

I believe that’s the likely goal. I’d recommend posting new questions here.