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Looking for a sample Tinderbox CRM

Really what’s in the topic line. I am looking for an example CRM solution in a Tinderbox file. Nothing too fancy. I saw there was an example from 2004, but shockingly, it won’t open in Tbx7. Thanks!

I don’t know about CRM (not my expertise) but which 2004 file couldn’t you open?

This one.

Drag the file in the DMG to your hard drive, add a ‘.tbx’ file extension and it works.

That file has some missing templates (“news.rss”) – not sure where they are.

Not in the DMG. The file points to Taliesin:Applications:Tinderbox 2.0:Sample templates:HTML export templates:news.rss. I’ve not got Tinderbox v2 versions anymore and i’m not sure if they’d run on current OSs.

Here. I fixed the XML to remove the offending template reference. It wasn’t visible in the export inspector for some reason. This one should work.

Simple CRM_fixed.tbx (73.2 KB)

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