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Losing image resolution

I’ve been copying/pasting images into the text of a note from a MS Word doc. They’re losing significant resolution when I do this (to the point where I can no longer read the text on them). I’ve also tried dragging the image from Word into the Tinderbox text, with the same result.

Is there any way to avoid this?

Many thanks!

Tinderbox compresses images fairly aggressively to conserve space.

The conventional use cases for images in Tinderbox notes are things like the following:

  • Reference images for use by a comic book writer
  • Screenshots to clarify problems observed in Tinderbox for future development

In these cases, compression is nice and image quality isn’t a big deal.

Why are you pasting an image of text, rather than the text? The text would be a lot more useful. Still, send me an example of the image you want to paste (info@eastgate.com) and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for the quick response, as always.

I think I’ve solved my own problem… it appears Word is downsizing the images when I copy/paste from there. I tried another export method from Word (PDF), and the images so far are sufficient for me to read in Tinderbox. Apologies for the false alarm.

But to answer your question about why I images are needed:

  • I take notes on academic papers using Atlas.ti - which includes both text excerpts as well as excerpts of tables and figures in the form of images, and then export them to Tinderbox.
  • These text and image notes get grouped into mini-themes into Tinderbox, e.g. all the text or image notes from any of the many papers I read that support the idea “developing more modular products is more environmentally sustainable”.
  • So for me, being able to see what the image says is really important for me to be able to sort and categorize my notes…