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Losing link after explode

I’m losing the link property in $Text after an explode

I’ve checked aTBRef re explode but can’t see it being mentioned

Is this odd? expected? avoidable?



Not ‘expected’, as I can’t replicate that issue here. To confirm assumption, I explode a note—whose $Text contained web links—into paragraphs and the links were still there in the exploded notes. FWIW, I tried $Text with copy/pasted text form a webpage and $Text where typing domain names triggered smart link creation of Tinderbox web links. Both cases worked.

Can you post a small TBX with a note whose $Text gives you this error so others can replicate it—or not.

Thought: have you double checked the blue text at start is a working link and doesn’t just look like a link? I say that as from time to time i’ve tripped myself on that assumption.

Thanks Mark

It is a link yes ( now points to a 404 as the bloody government keep changing web page storage which is ironic given the subject matter!)

It is however a hook link - I wonder if this is the issue?

I’ll do as you suggest unless you confirm that the hook links are the culprit

Many thanks as ever

explodingLinksTest.tbx (152.9 KB)

The test appears to work for both normal links ( pasted from a browser URL ) and hook links

It doesn’t work for the particular note which I’ve included in the test file

Not critical but feels like a learning point to come :wink:

I can replicate the issue with the GOV.UK note. I did notice the URL is >300 characters long:


… though this is well within current allowed URL lengths.

The source note links all work fine though I can’t validate the ‘hook’ link as I don’t have installed the app that uses the ‘readdle-spark://’ pseudo-protocol (PDF Export app perhaps?).

After a lot of experimenting I can’t come up with a consistent cause of failure but sometimes web-links survive explode and sometimes they don’t. I’ve investigated, without clear results:

  • overall URL length
  • web URLs where the URL is rge link anchor text vs web links with ad hoc anchor text
  • in which paragraph the (first) URL appears
  • the number of URLs in the source note

It appears to be something internal (pinging @eastgate)

Thanks Mark - I’ll await with interest

I believe that no links survive Explode, except for “smart links” attached to urls in the text.

Am I mistaken?

Yes, I can confirm in-doc Tinderbox text links are lost on Explode.

In truth until today I’d not really thought of links in the context having normally used Explode to work in imported text or things like lists saved into $Text. I can’t recall ever having exploded a note with links. I’m assuming the lack of any description of retention of links reflects that. Of course that doesn’t make OP’s problem wrong, but shows how some things are only obvious after the fact. :slight_smile: