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Make toolbar show by default

Tired of always opening Toolbar. How to make open Toolbar a default?

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I don’t believe there is a default, but if you feel there should be one, i’d suggest mailing in a feature request. Or use Cmd+Opt+T

In the meantime, the view type is as easily changed by right clicking a tab title as it is giving up screen space to the toolbar.

The Font dialog can easily be opened via Cmd+T.

The OS colour dialog is not much use out of context and is easily opened by clicking on a colour chip in any Color-type Key Attribute or Inspector control.

Yes, I would like make it a feature request.

OK, well don’t forget to mail it in. This is a user-to-user forum so not official tech support.

Another option, more of a do it yourself approach would be to use the mac automation tool…Keyboard Maestro. It is one of my must haves…

you can easily set up a trigger: on Application launch: tinderbox, set a slight pause then either have it type the keyboard shortcut Mark listed above and stop or have it select the action (under interface control actions) to select the menu command itself.

It is a program well worth your time. Anyway those are my $.02