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Making Tinderbox a great project manager

Dear everyone! Has anyone tried / is anyone interested in thinking on how to make a Tinderbox template for project management? I’m thinking of an integrated environment to manage at least “areas / departments”, “projects”, “timesheets”, “tasks”, “notes”, some “financials”.
I am starting to build one to my particular freelancing needs (after using several different apps, I’m now looking into bringing everything together in TBX). But if anyone has interesting ideas on this I’d be glad to hear about them.

I’ve just recently upgraded to the last version of TBX and may I say – it keeps getting better and able to handle anything. Thanks to all the devs and thinkers behind it.


I’ve created a file I use in order to visualize all my projects. I keep using Omnifocus and take pieces of notes within projects, but I need to have a map of my activities which allows me to “timeline” each project one by one. This is my dashboard :


Nice. I’m assuming you’re using map view and not the timeline view; also that all these boxes are manually placed? Or do you have some sort of $Rule to place them?

If you have any $Rule to do it, I’d be glad to have it.
I don’t need to use the timeline view, but I already used it and it’s very helpful.

This is a VERY BASIC example on controlling the position of a note in a map using its coordinates ($Xpos and $Ypos). These are set with a set of “dumb” if clauses in each of the projects rules.

visual_planner.tbx (83.7 KB) !
visual_planner._movie.mp4.zip (325.7 KB)

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Once again, @dominiquerenauld, very nicely done.

Question: What is the resolution on the screen you are showing here? (Ie, is this a laptop screen, or a larger desktop model.)


Thank you for those files. I didn’t know those two functions. I use to place manually my ongoing projects when I need to visualize them.

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It’s an Apple Thunderbolt display (2560x1440). The screenshot size is pretty much the same than the one on my screen.

I’m playing with @dominiquerenauld’s form and having trouble getting plot colors to obey. Any obvious reason why this isn’t green? It’s a new file, a new note, and all I did was click on “plot” and select “bar.” FWIW, the “ring” visualization does seem to display the correct colors green/white.


A bit counter-intuitive IMHO, but it’s the accent you’re looking for.


That’s it! Thanks @bmscmoreira.

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As I’m not an expert, just a regular learner hard working to learn from this forum, this is a screenshot of my plot section:


Waooh… I am eager to show your map!