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Managing list styling in Text Area Ruler

When I use the dropdown under Lists in the Text Area Ruler, I usually use Arabic numerals. Sometimes when I begin a new list, it uses the font in use for the document, Hoefler Text. However, sometimes, it uses Helvetica.
Where is this controlled and can I manage it? If that is not possible, can I predict which will be used?
As a long time heavy user of Tinderbox, I’m confident there is a pony in this barn. Despite searching attributes and searching aTbxRef, the Manual, etc., I just haven’t been able to find it yet. Would appreciate a hand.

Thank you,

This isn’t Tinderbox issue as such but more to do with Apple’s Rich Text engine, AFAICT. The native style default uses Helvetica. Although a note has a $TextFont is is not applied to $Text until you add some text.

Make a new note, place the cursor in $Text and then add a numerical list. The font will be Helvetica (the stored format).

But, do the same and add at last one character before adding the list and the font used is $TextFont.

Deleriously happy to have explanation, especially confirmation that I had not missed something obvious in Tinderbox. As always, your explanation makes great sense - now I understand the varied results.

Many thanks.

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This can probably be routed around. For the present, Mark Anderson’s workaround will address the issue.

Mark’s explanation is a complete solution from my perspective. Might be nice to see brief comment on how List styling works in the TBX User Guide or aTbxRef but either would clearly be only “nice to have” and not of great importance.

Noted. It’s on my list of non-urgent edits (bit busy at present).